“SALVATION LIES WITHIN” – Shawshank Redemption


I find the above dialogue from the movie to be thought provoking. It is quite human to find faults in others and be unhappy about the situations we cannot always control. While we may not be able to influence other’s actions or thoughts but what we can certainly do is work on ourselves. Cliche, right? I am only talking about creating a soothing environment within so that there is better acceptability for others and the outside world. ‘Inner Happy Hours’ is what we should seek!

How do we do it?

Take out just 10 minutes in a day when you can be with yourself. For those 10 minutes you could close your eyes and focus on your breath, or go to a park or just observe things around from your balcony…remember to do things that you like the most, being closer to nature would increase the benefits. As you get into the practice, now try observing everything with unwavering attention. For eg. if you like sitting in a park, observe a flower with complete details viz its colour, shape, smell. Observe it with total awareness, if you get other thoughts don’t worry, observe those thoughts as well but once again bring you awareness to the practice. Idea is to slow down and reduce the noise, so that you can listen to inner voice. Start with 10 minutes a day, I am sure you would develop better connect with yourself.

Start Today, set-up an alarm in your phone; it is your time to meet the most important person – ‘Inner CEO’.

De-stress yourself…Simple yet effective.

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